IT Support
Mac OS X

Professional Technical Support for Mac Computers, Mac Servers, iMacs, MacBooks. An IT Specialist come to your office to identify, diagnose and we provide solutions.

Services Feature

Apple Computers

An IT Specialist come to your office to resolve problems within your network, computer, or just to provide general technical assistance


Installations, Configurations, Maintenance, Remote Access, Software, Databases, Terminal Server Setup, among others

Gamers Computers

We can build your new Gaming Computer. APP Technology are the industry professionals for Gaming System builds. From small gaming system builds to Gaming PC’s that have multiple GPU’s, Water Cooling, RAID with SSD and more.

Network Solutions

Slow network communication? Possible virus, hardware failure, DNS, etc. We help troubleshooting slow network connections.

Malware & Virus Removal

Viruses and malicious software not only slow down your computer system, but sensitive information could be compromised too.

Backup & Migration Support

Migrations of software, files, databases, programs, servers or workstations, data recovery.

Apple Computer Repair

1- Best option in Puerto Rico. 
2- Service On Site if require.
3- Pickup & Delivery Service.  
4- Fast Service if require.
5- Remote Service.